A Muslim Wedding in Hyderabad. Some Ideas And Tips

Muslim marriages in India are some of the most beautiful and simplest ceremonies you’ll ever find. The piety, joy, and vibrancy marking a lovely wedding is not a cakewalk. If you want to conduct Muslim Matrimony ceremony in the grand old city of Hyderabad, there needs to be proper and meticulous planning. It’s a great place to wed for the Muslims, no doubt but the popularity of the city also means that you need to be extra-smart, fast and cautious in your planning. There are a thousand others who are thinking of you and the capacity is not endless.

So, begin your planning checklist at least 12 months before the wedding day. Start by envisioning your ceremony. See if you want it to be symbolic and long, or short and sweet. See if you want to entail all the rituals or complete it with highlights only.

  • Time preferences and wedding date: Muslims favor marriage during the Shawwal month and avoid it during the sacred months of Ramadan and Muharram. They favor Sunday for weddings since it’s a holiday in most parts of India and also the start of the week. Muslims follow the lunar calendar of the Islamic year, hence corresponding and subsequent Gregorian dates will vary from one year to another. You need to consult your mosque for determining the dates.
  • Choosing an officiate and location: Your Muslim Matrimony doesn’t have to take place in any mosque. Any Muslim versed in Islamic traditions and scriptures can officiate in the scheme of things. However, countless mosques have madhum or qazi, the marriage officers. They can oversee your marriage held at the place and confirm it with the required civil documents.
  • The vendor religion: Start looking for good vendors in the city. These are your photographers, caterers, musicians, caterers and the likes. Schedule appointments with them to review their performance. Decide if you want to make the wedding feast halal or not.
  • Pre-wedding arrangements: If you plan to have pre-wedding ceremonies like fatha in a mosque, you need to make prior arrangements for that.
  • The cards: After discussing the requisite marriage documents with your people and arranging the wedding contract and meher, you need to appoint a stationary concern for programs, invitations and place the cards. Through your programs, you can help your non-Muslim attendees understand the symbolism and rich history of Muslim weddings.
  • About the ceremony: You need to decide the people who’ll be part of the marriage ceremony. Two male witnesses will be there as you sign your marriage contract. Start planning your pre-wedding celebrations. There are many rituals that seek to purify and prepare the couple and their families.
  • The last-minute tune-ups: These include touching base with the marriage officiant and preparing everything from ritual baths, turmeric ceremonies and henna parties to music and food. Hyderabad is famed for its niche biriyani and as a Muslim; you can’t give it a miss in your menu.

Entrust all the catering elements to a reliable person. Arrange the egg needed for stomping and get many flower garlands.

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