Venue Uplighting – Lighting By Style

The wedding is a time of the life that has a lot of preparation to do, from mandap hire to DJ booking, everything has to be looked. But many people choose a style of wedding to remember and cherish it throughout the life. Down below are the few wedding styles that people can opt for to make the place look beautiful with the use of venue Uplighting

Classic Style

When the wedding style is classic and the more emphasis is on to make the place look elegant then the addition of twinkle lights can add charm to the whole area. Pillar candles or chandelier of subtle colours will make the ambience look simple yet ecstatic. For dining table or area, candelabras can be a perfect add-on which will make the dining experience more memorable and enjoyable for the guests.

Modern Style

For modern look, flatter colour tones like pink, purple, blue can be used. For aisle and gallery area colour-wash lighting can be used to make it look chic and stylish. If the motive is to go for the floral decoration on the backdrop, then colourful led lights will look beautiful and will also help to illuminate the whole place more vibrantly.

Edgy Style

If the aim is to go a little edgy and out of the box ,then adding a wash of colours to empty walls will be a bliss. For the table, iron lanterns will do their work as they will be the illuminating the table by being the centrepiece. To add more fun to the wedding led cocktail stirrers can be added to make the drinking experience for the guests more interesting. By adding the Edison bulb chandelier the place can look more vintage and old for many people who love holding on to old practices or time.

Rustic Style

When it is decided to go for the more of countryside theme, then market lights are a must to have as they make the place look more rural and rustic. If the aim is to go eclectic, then mason jars and Edison bulbs will be helpful in making the place become more illuminating and vibrant. The ceremony backdrop can be made special either by adding chandelier at the ceiling or adding paper star lanterns to make it more relatable for groom and bride.

The above are the few wedding style or themes; people often go for during their wedding times. If it is hard to do it all by yourself, then help from professional decorators is the best solution to get friendly with time and budget.

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