Tips For Creating Your Loved One’s Obituary

Writing an obituary is never easy, no matter the circumstances. The pain of losing a loved one often makes it difficult for someone to find the words to say to properly honor the life of the deceased. These tips will help individuals find it much easier to write their loved one’s obituary so it becomes a treasured memory for many years to come.

Step-By-Step Tips For Writing an Obituary

An obituary serves several purposes: it announces the death, informs the public of service times, contains a photo of the deceased, gives a biographical map of the family, and conveys special messages. The obituary can be as detailed as a person likes but should follow a basic format.

  • The first step is to gather the basic details about the deceased which will include their name, year of birth, age, and the time and place of death. It is up to the family members whether the cause of death will be disclosed. This is often considered very personal information and is not always offered in the obituary.
  • The obituary should include biographical information of the highlights of the deceased’s life. Meaningful examples should be included instead of a boring list of facts. The obituary should tell the story of the loved one’s life, being as brief as possible, while not omitting important details.
  • The obituary is not only for the deceased, it is also for honoring the family. Survivors should be listed, starting with the closest relations first. This would begin with the spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, and siblings. Others can be added if they were a special friend or relative.
  • If the family wants the community to be invited to the funeral, it is important the funeral times are listed. The obituary can include the service location, time, date, and the officiant.

View Your Loved One’s Obituary Today

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