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Venue Uplighting – Lighting By Style

The wedding is a time of the life that has a lot of preparation to do, from mandap hire to DJ booking, everything has to be looked. But many people choose a style of wedding to remember and cherish it throughout the life. Down below are the few wedding styles that people can opt for to make the place look beautiful with the use of venue Uplighting

Classic Style

When the wedding style is classic and the more emphasis is on to make the place look elegant then the addition of twinkle lights can add charm to the whole area. Pillar candles or chandelier of subtle colours will make the ambience look simple yet ecstatic. For dining table or area, candelabras can be a perfect add-on which will make the dining experience more memorable and enjoyable for the guests.

Modern Style

For modern look, flatter colour tones like pink, purple, blue can be used. For aisle and gallery area colour-wash lighting can be used to make it look chic and stylish. If the motive is to go for the floral decoration on the backdrop, then colourful led lights will look beautiful and will also help to illuminate the whole place more vibrantly.

Edgy Style

If the aim is to go a little edgy and out of the box ,then adding a wash of colours to empty walls will be a bliss. For the table, iron lanterns will do their work as they will be the illuminating the table by being the centrepiece. To add more fun to the wedding led cocktail stirrers can be added to make the drinking experience for the guests more interesting. By adding the Edison bulb chandelier the place can look more vintage and old for many people who love holding on to old practices or time.

Rustic Style

When it is decided to go for the more of countryside theme, then market lights are a must to have as they make the place look more rural and rustic. If the aim is to go eclectic, then mason jars and Edison bulbs will be helpful in making the place become more illuminating and vibrant. The ceremony backdrop can be made special either by adding chandelier at the ceiling or adding paper star lanterns to make it more relatable for groom and bride.

The above are the few wedding style or themes; people often go for during their wedding times. If it is hard to do it all by yourself, then help from professional decorators is the best solution to get friendly with time and budget.

Bridal Shoe Colors And Styles

Everything about the bride needs to be perfect on her wedding day. From her wedding dress to her jewelry, everything needs to be flawless. The bridal wedding shoes are an important part of the accessories that a bride needs on her wedding day and just like everything else, even these shoes need to be of perfect colors and styles, so that they are able to compliment the looks of the bride and make her appear divine on the most special day of her life.

Bridal Shoe Colors

Gone are the days when the wedding dress of the bride could be of white color only. As a result of this restriction on the color of the dress of the bride, the colors of her bridal shoes was also restricted to white, off-white or silver. However, now that the bride are experimenting with new styles and colors for their bridal wedding dress, this gives them the chance to experiment with the colors and styles of their wedding shoes as well. At the end of the day, it is important that the color of the shoe should be such that it goes well with the wedding dress. Thus, the first thing that a bride needs to do in order to finalize her bridal shoes, is to first finalize on her wedding dress, and then based on the colors and style of the dress, the color and style of the bridal shoe should be selected.

Various Bridal Styles Present In the Market

There are numerous different shoe styles that are available in the market for the brides these days. Some of the most sought after bridal shoe styles have been discussed below:


These shoes are simple and elegant in their designs. They are always white or ivory in color. The heels of these shoes would be either medium or low and the material used for their making would be either satin, silk, textured cotton or leather.


From blue to crimson to gold or silver, these shoes can be of any color which compliments their wedding dress perfectly. The designs of these shoes are also modern and can, therefore, incorporate straps or have various modern shapes and pattern made all over them. The options in heels also vary from low to medium to high.

Prepare A Graceful Video Wedding Invitation For WhatsApp

The introduction of WhatsApp has really changed our lives up to a certain extent. Nowadays, almost each and every person is a genuine holder of a smartphone. Thus the inclusion of such an alluring feature has contributed in carrying on with staying into touch with each other. Even, it can be easily utilized for sending wedding invitations in the form of video!

Preparation of a highly graceful wedding invitation is the first step in order to conclude with your wedding ceremony in a memorable manner. Though cards and postcards are prevalent, but at the same time hold the risk of getting timely delivery. Keeping this point into due consideration, wedding videos have been prepared so that they may get delivered to everyone.

No! They need not be recorded into compact disks and sent through courier. In this era of high technology, the concept of video wedding invitation for WhatsApp has gained immense popularity. It is all about preparation of an alluring video and sending the same to your friends through WhatsApp within a tapping of a few buttons.

What to Include in Video Wedding Invitation for WhatsApp?

In case of video invitations, you need to film a video where you may include some evidences of your true love story followed by including interesting images to make it look much funny. It will give you an opportunity to express yourself as a couple and provide the information of your wedding to your guests.

You may either combine the same with online stationary to confirm its delivery, or take help of social sites to spread this great message. If you are searching to get into touch with an economical way, then it is high time to compile video wedding card for WhatsApp. It is for sure that your invitation will truly reach your guests in a hassle free manner.

Why Take Help of a Professional?

Taking the assistance of a professional will let the video an alluring one. Receivers will feel like to go through them again and again followed by getting into touch with some highly creative ideas. Though there are numerous software available online, still combination of ideas of own along with that of professional will finally result into an appreciable deal.

People are slowly turning themselves towards video invitations due to high convenience and grace in association with the same. Nicely compiled videos keep viewers in an engaged state. The inclusion of minute details in the form of graphics really attracts eyes. Video wedding invitations give you an opportunity to play the role of a junior superstar!

The Rules For Making The Perfect Engagement Photo

The photos that are taken at your engagement ceremony are special for many reasons. These photos are not just memories of the day when you finally took your first step towards marrying your soul mate, but these photos are also used for making the wedding announcement. Therefore, it is through these photos that the whole world would be seeing both your and partner together as a couple officially, therefore it becomes important for both the bride and the groom to look perfect in their Engagement Photography.

Below are some photography tips, which can help you in ensuring that each and every photo taken at your engagement ceremony comes out perfect.

Choose the Right Photographer

This is the most basic requirement for getting a perfect picture clicked. If the photographer chosen for doing the job is not good, or if he or she does not have the right equiptments with him, then there is no way that he or she will be able to deliver good engagement pictures for you. Therefore, take time to select the best available photographer in your budget for the job. Remember, Pre Wedding Photography is an art, and of your photographer has the necessary skills, he or she will be able to turn even routine and ordinary pictures in beautiful moments for you. Seek help from friends and family in finding a good photographer.

Choose the Right Spot for Getting Clicked

One big mistake that many people make when choosing the spot where they want their engagement pictures to be clicked is that they select the place only on the basis of the beauty of the place. The beauty of the place should not be the only criterion for choosing a spot for getting engagement pictures clicked. The place should also have a special and emotional connect for you. The best pictures come out in spots which hold special memories are the places where you find happiness. These places help you in relaxing and enjoying the moment and this happiness gets transferred to your pictures, thus making for a perfect click.

Do Not Think Too Much

Many couples get too stressed out about their effort to get the perfect picture clicked. When you take so much tension, it starts to reflect on your face and spoils every picture taken of yours. Therefore, you may have chosen the most beautiful locations and dresses and got the best makeup done for your engagement pictures, but if you are stressed out or tensed about the outcome of the picture, then you will never be able to make a good photo.

A Oriya Wedding in Puri- Some Ideas And Tips

Straightforwardness and simplicity well sums up your Oriya matrimony. A wedding really reflects the rituals and cultural vestige of a community. In this regard, an Oriya wedding bears ample testimony to the statement. It’s true that all weddings are joyous occasions, but Oriya weddings stand out from the rest due to the fact it’s devoid of any opulence or extravagance. But, does that mean that people don’t splurge in these ceremonies? They focus on the essential customs and simple rituals that constitute their marriage ceremony.

Only after taking care of the cultural essence, the people look for ways to entertain. Now, they are planning destination weddings albeit temple charm. It’s all justified when you have Jagannath dham right in your state.

  • Jayee Anukulo: One of the most worthwhile and interesting pre-wedding rituals of Oriya weddings, jayee anukulo marks the beginning of wedding rituals in their ceremonies. The famous custom is followed by the large-scale distribution of invitation cards or nimantran patras for the forthcoming marriage sent. The people send the first card to Lord Jagannath in Puri. He’s the family deity of all Hindu Oriyas. They give the second invitation card to the maternal uncle of the girl. Now, if you venue is in Puri itself, you can go and give the card by yourself.
  • Hospitality and management: There are grand and affordable hotels in Puri that start work and service on your command. Your wedding planner can take care of the professional management, hospitality, refreshment arrangement, lip-smacking culinary preparations and other stuff. The hotels have spacious indoor areas, great outdoor spaces and lawns to make the best wedding venues. The hotels provide Oriya matrimony specialists who have experience in hosting countless wedding functions in the holy city.
  • Attractive packages: When it comes to value-addition and niche marketing, the resorts in this city are way ahead of other places. Marrying in Puri will give you the good luck of tying the knot in the presence and ambience of the lord. You can also go to the main temple to complete some rituals there. There are some popular resorts in Puri that have jumped onto the marriage bandwagon and hospitality scene with a slew of specialized and focused packages. There are ethnic village resorts, sanctioned by the tourism department of the state. Situated on a sprawling area of 40 acres of lush greenery and gardens, it overlooks the Balukhanda forest reserve on the Konark Marine drive. Look for hotels that have many air-conditioned rooms, conference halls, swimming pool, shopping arcade, well-equipped gym, indoor and outdoor games areas and children parks.
  • Planning is the key: Excellent food ranging from continental to traditional, huge banquet halls, colorful theme-centric decor, dance floors and DJ compliment the numerous facilities that empower the services here. Professional managers will help you choose the right place and time in the resorts. Before choosing the menu, you should brief the type of meal you’d like to serve your attendees.

It can be a strict Oriya menu, East Indian one, North or South Indian or a mixed one.

A Muslim Wedding in Hyderabad. Some Ideas And Tips

Muslim marriages in India are some of the most beautiful and simplest ceremonies you’ll ever find. The piety, joy, and vibrancy marking a lovely wedding is not a cakewalk. If you want to conduct Muslim Matrimony ceremony in the grand old city of Hyderabad, there needs to be proper and meticulous planning. It’s a great place to wed for the Muslims, no doubt but the popularity of the city also means that you need to be extra-smart, fast and cautious in your planning. There are a thousand others who are thinking of you and the capacity is not endless.

So, begin your planning checklist at least 12 months before the wedding day. Start by envisioning your ceremony. See if you want it to be symbolic and long, or short and sweet. See if you want to entail all the rituals or complete it with highlights only.

  • Time preferences and wedding date: Muslims favor marriage during the Shawwal month and avoid it during the sacred months of Ramadan and Muharram. They favor Sunday for weddings since it’s a holiday in most parts of India and also the start of the week. Muslims follow the lunar calendar of the Islamic year, hence corresponding and subsequent Gregorian dates will vary from one year to another. You need to consult your mosque for determining the dates.
  • Choosing an officiate and location: Your Muslim Matrimony doesn’t have to take place in any mosque. Any Muslim versed in Islamic traditions and scriptures can officiate in the scheme of things. However, countless mosques have madhum or qazi, the marriage officers. They can oversee your marriage held at the place and confirm it with the required civil documents.
  • The vendor religion: Start looking for good vendors in the city. These are your photographers, caterers, musicians, caterers and the likes. Schedule appointments with them to review their performance. Decide if you want to make the wedding feast halal or not.
  • Pre-wedding arrangements: If you plan to have pre-wedding ceremonies like fatha in a mosque, you need to make prior arrangements for that.
  • The cards: After discussing the requisite marriage documents with your people and arranging the wedding contract and meher, you need to appoint a stationary concern for programs, invitations and place the cards. Through your programs, you can help your non-Muslim attendees understand the symbolism and rich history of Muslim weddings.
  • About the ceremony: You need to decide the people who’ll be part of the marriage ceremony. Two male witnesses will be there as you sign your marriage contract. Start planning your pre-wedding celebrations. There are many rituals that seek to purify and prepare the couple and their families.
  • The last-minute tune-ups: These include touching base with the marriage officiant and preparing everything from ritual baths, turmeric ceremonies and henna parties to music and food. Hyderabad is famed for its niche biriyani and as a Muslim; you can’t give it a miss in your menu.

Entrust all the catering elements to a reliable person. Arrange the egg needed for stomping and get many flower garlands.

Flower Decoration Design Ideas For Venues In Bangalore

They could be small family affairs or large and lavish invitations for thousands where people might gather to celebrate occasions such as weddings, rice ceremonies, anniversaries, sacred thread ceremonies, baby showers and many more.

One of the elemental aspects that stand universal in all these events will be that of decorations. Since the early times when the event management companies and its concept did not even come to existence, flowers had been an integral item that had been used for the decoration of the venues hosting these celebrations. With time and age preferences and choices have changed, however flowers and fresh blooms still remains to be an integral element for Indian wedding decoration ideas and for private event venues across the world.

The change that has set in lies in the way these flowers are used or the additional elements that are added along with the fresh blooms to create the desired final theme wedding decoration look. Let us take a close look at the trends of flower decoration designs that can be seen in some of the plushest wedding locations in Bangalore such as the Templetree Leisure Bangalore, The Taj West End Hotel Bangalore, Balan farm Convention Centre, The Golden Palm Hotel and Spas and The ITC Gardenia Bangalore.

Choices Of Flowers

In the earlier times we see that flowers such as marigold was highly preferred for flower decorations for marriages and other auspicious occasions. However these days a change has set in and people are looking for more exotic flowers like the orchids, tulips, gladioli and carnations. Even then roses still happens to be a really popular choice for such wedding venue decorations. Whether it for the general decorations, pathway decorations or even the main reception stage decoration roses are often a common choice that is preferred for a large number of occasions and venues.

Adds On

These days for decorations of outdoor wedding venues in Bangalore organizers do not stick to just flowers for their decorations. Flowers happen to be the main items used for decoration but they are complimented with a large number of other items. Some such common items will be gold or silver bordered mirrors, bright and beautiful linen drapes, add ones of glitter and shimmer, small lights and tuni bulbs used to decorate gardens and trees and pathways and many more such items.

Theme Design

Theme wedding decorations are really in vogue in the current times. One of the major aspects of such decorations is that they often have a central piece, which serves as the axis around the rest of the decoration revolves. This axis could be the mandap or even the reception stage. On the basis of this axis the rest of the decoration is carried out.


There are two aspects that must be borne in mind so that the final look is an impressive one. Whatever you do or choose, it must be simple. Too much stuffed together never looks sophisticated. Elegance lies in simplicity. Again you must choose the venue in accordance to the volume of guests that you have invited. This is how the whole loom event will look like a lavish and well coordinated one. Some commendable venues to host private events in Bangalore are The Leela Palace Bangalore, ITC Windsor Manor Bangalore, JW Marriott Hotel Bangalore. However these are the best of the best and will come with a cost.

We can thus conclude that choosing the right outdoor wedding venues in Bangalore makes your events not only memorable but an also grand and happening. And you will be sure that your theme wedding decorations decoration will be a sensation!

Make Your Wedding Gifts More Memorable With Laser Cut Boxes

If you are in the planning phase of your wedding you always want to know the best and latest trends in everything. From latest trousseau packing to finalizing wedding favors all of it needs a lot of research and time. So to your rescue comes service providers like gift packing services provider in Lucknow | ShubhSaugat. They have many happy customers when it comes to the variety they offer in gift boxes in Lucknow and also for their innovative trousseau packing designs. When it comes to gift boxes laser cut boxes for trousseau and gift packing is one such latest trend which can add elegance to your wedding. They are excellent for wedding trousseau packing as well as for wedding favors packing. Given below are some types of laser cut boxes which will surely solve all your gift packing needs while adding more class to your gifts.

1. Laser Cut Boxes for Invitation Cards and Gifts

Laser cut wedding invitation card cum sweets, gift or chocolates box has its own timeless appeal. It can be customized as per the theme and looks very ethnic too. Even laser cut slide boxes can be used for making your traditional wedding scroll roll card look outstanding. They come in extraordinary designs and colors and look really gorgeous too.

2. Laser Cut Boxes for Trousseau Packing

Suitcase style laser cut boxes, wooden MDF boxes,

Decoupage handmade boxes with laser cut lids,

Wedding treasure boxes,

Laser cut wooden chests etc.

All these are used by Trousseau packing trays in Lucknow ShubhSaugat for trousseau packing. They will make your trousseau look like a real treasure. Laser cut boxes can be used from packing clothes, bangles, cosmetics, gifts, to even jewellery. They have intricate designs to give everything a fabulous look. They can even be customized with color and can be engraved too to make your memorable day memorable forever. Beautiful ring boxes in laser cut designs are also very in, like beautiful ring rose box at Shubh Saugat.

3. Laser Cut Boxes for Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are no more limited to typical sweets.People have replaced sweets with other unique Indian wedding favors like chocolates, perfumes, tea and biscotti, handmade soaps, scented candles, tea light holders etc.

The Top 5-star Hotels For a Grand Wedding Venue in Mumbai

You are the princess to your parents – you have your own dreamy wedding planned right since childhood. When you envision your wedding, you see a grand venue that is adorned with the best of lights, flowers and all things nice. A royal entry in your favourite designer clothes with your favourite people by your side. Yes, these dreams can be true even when you have your wedding venue in Mumbai. I curated a list of the best of 5-star wedding hotels for you to have a wedding that is nothing short of grand!

1. The Taj Mahal Palace, Colaba

Known to be a landmark of India and the flagship hotel of Taj, this hotel has been stunning people for over decades. An awe-inspiring view paired with impressive decor has everybody in admiration. The services are warm and friendly that ensure you are pampered to the tee. You could not only be planning your wedding, but you can also hold your engagement ceremony, rehearsal dinner, cocktail party, bachelorette party, Sangeet and bridals showers in the same venue. You can also make the most of their spa facilities, makeup and hairstyle artists, design and decor, etc that can help you understand what all you would need to make your wedding a memorable one.

2. The Leela, Andheri

An unsurpassed legacy of warmth set amidst the hustle-bustle of Mumbai’s busy Sahar area. The Leela promises to be your go to place for a fun and relaxed evening. Beautiful ballroom with splendid chandeliers make this a luxury to behold based on your needs. What’s more, the F&B team is known for their award-winning feast and lush green gardens with their waterfalls make for an ideal backdrop for your special day. And just like the Taj, you can hold all your pre-wedding functions as well and the themes can be altered accordingly.

3. ITC Maratha, Andheri

Who said wedding venues in Mumbai are hard to find? ITC Maratha makes for a magnificent wedding hotel with its rich and customizable banquet halls and sprawling Royal Gardens. The place boasts of vibrant and rich interiors that make for an aesthetic appeal. You can plan your weddings, engagements, sangeet, parties, to meetings and conferences with absolute ease. The team ensures everything is taken care of without any hassle whilst promising you great music, entertainment, and fireworks.

4. The Westin, Goregaon

A modern-day luxury hotel that is open to hosting events for several group sizes as per your needs and requirements. Famous for their weddings, engagements, bridal showers, cocktail parties along with pre wedding and post wedding functions. There is elegance, grace, and style in all their services. The Westin comes with a grandiose ballroom and a striking garden area for hosting your dream wedding. It takes care of your food menu, decor, guest management, and everything that would save you your time for other important things.

5. Hilton, Andheri

Being close to the International airport can have its own advantages. Hilton has a tremendous appeal with its exquisite elements from the 19th century making it an epitome of style and sophistication. It also has a spectacular poolside space in case you’d like to hold a small celebration. It is perfect for both, business conferences as well as for private events like a reception, sangeet, etc.

Now that you have your list of wedding venues in Mumbai simply, unwind, relax, and be ready to be pampered to make the most of your special day!


The Gifts Are Elixir For Your Married Life

The gifts are elixir for your married life & other relations since the gifts reflects your feelings for other people. Each person loves to receive gifts and that’s a known fact. Be it men or women of any age, gifts can bring a wide smile to any face. The gifts can be for several occasions like anniversaries, Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day, Diwali, New Year and many festivals and special occasions crop up when you need to select gift for either ‘him’ or ‘her’.

Marriage day celebration is a special occasion in a couple’s life. Your husband has a special place in your life. Since the gift should be special also for him. Selecting a special wedding anniversary gift for your husband you need to be more careful about him preferences.

There are several gifts that can you select for your husband & he will be very happy to see the special gift. Some major proffered gifts for your husband are:

Watches: Watches are the best gift that suits to every man. It can be the best gift for your husband & the selection becomes easy as you will know his preferences better. You can choose either digital watch or formal golden band watch according to his choice.

Clothes: If you know proper body size of your husband, selecting a shirt or a pant as gift is great for any man. It will also be the best gift for him since clothing can be used regularly for a year.

Tie: Tie is also a beautiful gift for him. It is proper gift for those men who like formal.

Wallet: Wallet is also a beautiful gift for your husband. It can be used in everyday life hence men like this gift very much.

Fragrance: Perfumes are also the proper selection for your husband. Musky, masculine, woody deodorants, after shaves and perfumes top the list of gifts for younger men. However, it helps to choose when you know what your man really adores.

Skin Care Products: You can also choose skin care products like night cream, shaving combo, moisturizer, skin care kit or a travel set as a gift for your husband since these are used in everyday life.

These are some best gifts for your husband that you can choose either for his birthday or for marriage day anniversary.